Individual Optics Development


Funck Optics supports you with expert-knowledge to reach your development goals and solve optics tasks.


Specialized on design and develoment of optical systems for laser applications in industry, science and beyond.

  • » Machine builders
  • » System integrators
  • » Laser source manufacturers
  • » Sensor- und medical technology companies
  • » Start-Ups and research organizations
  • » Special optics supplier

Profit from a systems perspective and optics know-how during all phases of the development. From idea generation, simulation and design optimization all the way to protoyping and transfer to series production.


Receive competent and independent advice focused to the solution of your problem.

Optics Know-How for Your Problem

Individual Consulting

Personal and independent. I am striving to provide solutions that precisely fit your needs.


  • Idea generation and concept proposals
  • Feasibility analysis and studies
  • Independent information
  • Technology consulting LASER and optics
  • Problem analysis and troubleshooting


System-oriented design and ideas that are both creative and surprising. This is my passion for optics.

  • Lens design and optimization
  • Simulation using Zemax OpticStudio
  • Performance and tolerance analysis
  • Manufacturing drawings according to ISO 10110
  • Comprehensive design reports ´

Systems Development

You have a product idea and seek a partner to coordinate efforts from planning to realization?


  • System development of optics
  • Optomechanical design
  • Selection of development and manufacturing partners
  • Prototyping and Evaluation

About Funck Optics

Funck Optics is an independent engineering and consulting business established in 2018. With over 15 year experience in design and development the focus is on optical systems for LASER and imaigng applications.



Dr. Max Funck

  • 15 years experience in optics and laser technology
  • Engineering degrees from RWTH Aachen University and Dartmouth College
  • Ph.D. on design and assembly of optical systems with a focus on design-based tolerance optimization.
  • Previously worked as optical engineer and project manager with Fraunhofer, Carl Zeiss Corporate Research and as head of research and development with Photonic Tools
  • Deep technical knowledge on laser optical systems, digital camera optics as well as fiber optics, optical tolerancing and lens design
  • Managing projects with close interaction of optics, mechanics and electronics
  • Projects from concept development to design, lab prototyping and transfer to industrial serial production.
  • Numerous publications, international talks and patent applications

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