Optics is my passion and the experience of 12 years of research and development as lens designer, project manager and head of development flows into my work. During this time a number of innovative modules and systems for laser material processing and digital imaging have been created. From simple collimation and focusing lenses to scanning systems for marking and 3D printing and individually controlled zoom systems with digital image correction as well as fiber beam delivery for ultrafast lasers using micro-structured hollow core fibers. I am happy to employ this expertise in your project and develop individual solutions, according to your ideas.


With my engineering consultancy I support you with words and deeds and offer you professional advice and development support from concept development to coordination of product implementation.

Focal Points

1. System-oriented analysis

Whether compact, powerful or more integrated, the requirements and possibilities of today's optical systems are greater than ever before. One reason is that there is now a variety of modern components, ranging from aspheres and diffractive optical elements to adaptive lenses and mirrors to 3D printed components. Accordingly, development today requires much more than classic optical design and design implementation. Through consistent consideration in the overall context of your application, the system interfaces and your project, I question requirements and boundary conditions and look for hidden assumptions. It has often shown up in practice that changing perspectives can lead to new or simpler solutions that give you a real advantage. Here, you benefit from my experience in system development with a wide range of expertise.

2. Individual and flexible consulting

As an independent engineering office I act in your interest and work for your success. You know who you are dealing with and get a high degree of transparency. Due to my independence, I can offer you individual solutions and, depending on the project requirements, integrate component manufacturers or service partners who are specialized in implementing exactly your development task. I understand myself as a system architect who looks after you comprehensively because I want to solve your problem and not just answer your questions.


3. Close partnership with research

New solutions are not created in empty space but through open exchange of ideas and the creative minds behind them. Research projects are especially important to me. As a university or institute, you benefit from particularly favorable offers. Especially for SMEs of the laser and photonics industry, I offer support in the project application for publicly funded projects. If necessary, from the idea sketch to the submission of a funding application. And of course, I am available for your project as a partner for optical developments.

Background and Expertise

My know-how is characterized by professional positions in application-oriented research, the optical industry and work in a manufacturing medium-sized laser technology company. I specialize in optical systems for laser applications.

  • Engineering degrees from RWTH Aachen University and Dartmouth College
  • Ph.D. on design and assembly of optical systems with a focus on design-based tolerance optimization.
  • Previously worked as optical engineer and project manager with Fraunhofer, Carl Zeiss Corporate Research and as head of research and development with Photonic Tools
  • Deep technical knowledge on laser optical systems, digital camera optics as well as fiber optics, optical tolerancing and lens design (Zemax, OSLO)
  • Projects I worked on typically require close interaction of optics, mechanics and electronics and range from concept development to design, lab prototyping and transfer to industrial serial production. Developments include digital microscopy imaging system, laser processing and scanning units, optically and mechanically corrected zoom systems, as well as ultrafast laser beam delivery with photonic crystal fibers.
  • Numerous publications and patent applications as well as application for publicly funded projects (GER/EU)

Particular experience and know-how exists on the following subjects:

  • Optics for high-power and ultrafast lasers
  • beam shaping optics with micro-structured components e.g. to customize the intensity distribution during laser hardening or laser welding
  • Zoom systems with motorized variation of magnification and focus position
  • Design und manufacture of precision mechanical systems and optical components
  • Application and management of publicly funded projects
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Teaching courses on lens design and optimization with Zemax

I gladly contact you personally

Dr. Max Funck