Optical System Design

The design of optical systems from first sketch to a detailed set of drawings is the core of my engineering service. With professional competence in the development of optical systems for laser applications as well as imaging systems I can support you with:

  • Definition of requirements
  • Idea generation and concept development
  • Lens design and optimization
  • Modeling and simulation with Zemax OpticStudio
  • Analysis of imaging and system performance
  • Tolerance analysis and budgeting for optics and mechanics
  • Engineering drawings and bill of materials in accordance with ISO 10110
  • documentaiton and design reports

The implementation will always be geared to your needs. Usually, projects start with a concept development phase, in which different solutions are presented and discussed, while at the same time the requirements become concrete. In this phase, I advise you on the selection and suitability of concepts by comparing expected properties, development costs, manufacturing costs, delivery times and tolerances. Subsequently, a selected concept is detailed and optimized for optical performance and fulfillment of requirements. Commercial calculation software (for example Zemax OpticStudio) is used which, depending on the task, is extended by own evaluations and analyzes. The result of this development phase is a complete optical design, which is checked for manufacturability and tolerances. For more complex systems, an adjustment and testing strategy will also be developed. The optical design is completed with the preparation of the technical drawings for optical components and for the entire system forming the basis for the further integration or for the construction of mechanical housings. If necessary, I also support you in the following steps. >>more


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Dr. Max Funck

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Some examples of optical systems from previous projects:

  • Diffraction limited collimation and focusing lenses for high power and ultrafast lasers using spherical and aspherical elements
  • Scanning systems for laser marking, 3D printing or ablation
  • Process imaging with camera and remote temperature measurement of the workpiece
  • Color corrected scanning lens for multi wavelength processing
  • Fully automized zoom system with individually actuated components and integated control to manipulate magnification and focus position
  • Optical system for laser cutting with fiber lasers
  • Beam shaping optics with micro-structured components to create custom intensity distributions during laser hardening or welding
  • Special endoscopic optical system for laser hardening in poorly accessible locations
  • Development of systems with reduced tolerance sensitivity through desensitization during design optimization
  • High aperture (NA 0.7) focusing lens with glas thickness correction and large working distance
  • Inspection system with digital image correction of distortion, color and reflex light
  • Focusing lens with optimized back reflections to increase laser damage resistance